OctoberFeast Hosts 2014 #1: Vintage Scoops

For the first in this year’s ‘OctoberFeast Hosts’ series, Victoria McMullen of Vintage Scoops talks about her enthusiasm for local produce, doilies, and alcoholic sorbet.

Vintage-Scoops-300pxWho are you? We are a mother and daughter team, Victoria and Jo. We live in Barcombe where we run our mobile ice cream business Vintage Scoops. We are lovers of all things vintage and kitsch and we are also passionate about ‘proper’ ice cream! Betty, our 1973 Bedford CF, is our pride and joy, we have had hours of fun ‘prettying her up’ with handmade bunting, doilies and vintage tea sets. We are available to hire for weddings and private parties and we also attend local events like village fairs and school fetes.

How are you involved in Lewes OctoberFeast this year? We will be bringing Betty along to this years OctoberFeast Street Food FEAST on 27th Sept in Harveys Brewery Back Yard. We will have our freezers fully stocked with delicious hand made ice cream and other frozen treats. If the standard vanilla or chocolate doesn’t float your boat we will be bringing flavours such as rhubarb crumble and custard, rum and raisin and, my personal favourite, gin and tonic sorbet.

What recommendations would you give those who want to experience the best of Sussex food and drink? We live in an abundant food producing region and I firmly believe the closer our food comes from, the better. Our ice cream is made less than five miles from us and Jonathon, our marvellous ice cream magician, uses only locally sourced ingredients. From time to time he also uses fruit grown from our garden which I’m sure makes our ice cream taste extra special.
I would also highly recommend visiting the local farm shops, Holmansbridge Farm is a particular favourite of ours. Local produce may be slightly more pricey but the quality is second to none.

What concerns or pleases you the most about how we eat? One of the biggest concerns I have about the way we eat in this country is food waste. We are lucky enough to run a business where we have very little food wastage because we are selling a frozen product.

If you could sum up what your OctoberFeast offering is about in one dish, what would it be? It would be our blackberry crumble and custard ice cream: it’s full of fruit ripened in the hedgerows, fun to pick, and delicious to eat. A classic autumnal treat with our very own Vintage Scoops twist.

What is your favourite ingredient that is grown or made in Sussex? It doesn’t get much better for me than a locally grown strawberry, our strawberry ice cream is second to none… try it if you don’t believe me!

Find Vintage Scoops at our Street Food FEAST in Harveys Brewery Back Yard from 12-4pm on Sat 27th Sept.

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