Taking part: apple pressing

Help put that glut of garden apples to good use!

Many of us are lucky to have productive apple trees in our gardens and local parks, but we allow so much fruit to go to waste each year. Many garden apple varieties quickly spoil and most of us don’t have the time to properly store homegrown fruit. That’s why the OctoberFeast apple press is such a good idea. Depending on the harvest, our press has produced over 700 litres of apple juice in one season. The juice can be drunk fresh or frozen in plastic cartons to enjoy at a later date. It’s also perfect for making cider (though, be warned, OctoberFeast apple press advocate Mark Ridgwell has struggled in his attempt to make apple brandy!)

Apple Pressing
Fancy helping out?
The apple press is a key feature of each OctoberFeast festival, and a non-profit service to the local community. We can’t run it, however, without help. Juicing takes time and effort, but it’s also good fun. If you’re passionate about helping to cut food waste, or if you simply enjoy an excuse to tone up those arm muscles, we’d love you to sign up as a volunteer. Please contact Mark Ridgwell to express your interest (excuse the pun).

OctoberFeast Apple Pressing
Linklater Pavilion, Railway Land, Lewes

Sat 23rd and Sun 24th Sept 2017

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