Taking part: pop-up suppers

Ever gone out for a meal at a restaurant and thought ‘I could do better than this’?

There’s no mistaking it, opening up your home to members of the paying public to provide them with a meal of your own design is nervewracking. It’s also hugely rewarding, and from our experience talking to the many pop-up supper hosts that have helped make OctoberFeast such a success, chances are you’ll have your guests begging you to let them come round more often. You’ll never know unless you give it a go!

pop-up suppers
So you fancy taking part?
There is no restriction on the size or kind of event you put on as an OctoberFeast pop-up supper host. We have had intimate ones of 4-6 guests and larger groups of 30 or more. Our hosts have a range of interests and experience: some are food industry professionals, others are keen home cooks. Some menus are geared towards special diets while others reflect international cusines or the host’s interests. If you would like to talk about becoming a pop-up host during OctoberFeast 2017, email Alison.

OctoberFeast Pop-up Supper Membership

£20 per year includes:
Public liability insurance for dining events held at private residences during OctoberFeast
Publicity in the OctoberFeast programme, website and Twitter feed
Support and advice on how to manage bookings and plan for your event

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