OctoberFeast Hosts 2015: Chloe Edwards of Seven Sisters Spices

Chloe Edwards of Seven Sisters Spices picks out some favourite local eateries and airs some pet peeves about the commercial food industry.

blogposts-aromatsWho are you? I am Chloe Edwards and I have a fledgling catering and teaching kitchen business here in Lewes.

How are you involved in Lewes OctoberFeast this year? Excitingly, I am doing a few things this year. I will be teaching a one-day workshop at the Lewes Community Kitchen ‘Alchemy of Spices’ on 27th Sept; I am collaborating with Pauline Maniere of Vrac Teashop with a one off 4 course supper at Pleasant Stores on 23rd Sept and I will also be wheeling my pram laden with freshly fried doughnuts to Harvey’s Yard for the Street Food Market on 26th Sept. (More details are available in Seven Sisters’ Spices most recent newsletter.)

What recommendations would you give to those who want to  experience the best of our region’s food and drink? Being a relative newcomer I don’t have vast experience but I would say that Plateau in Brighton is fabulous for an evening out with friends. They have a very interesting stock of natural wines which, if you have an interest in the provenance and chemical content of what you consume, should be top of your list of things to try. As a family, we love the food at our local, The Swan Inn. They have a broad menu of freshly prepared food, really fab staff and a friendly happy atmosphere. Recently I was lucky enough to try some of Stoneham Bakehouse community bakery bread – the best granary I have ever eaten, available weekly to the people of Brighton & Hove. We are hugely fortunate here in East Sussex to have so many producers of good bread. And if you’re after fish and chips, Holiday Inn in Eastbourne is hard to beat.

What concerns or pleases you the most about how we eat? Waste concerns me most, both the food we waste and unnecessary packaging. People’s distance from the food they eat, in terms of their lack of understanding of what things are made of, how things grow and how the food industry works concerns me as well. I rail against the commercial capitalisation of the food industry and what this has done to people’s diets and their health. There is a lot of damage which needs to be undone.

If you could pick one dish that sums up what your OctoberFeast event is about what would it be? I would have to pick doughnuts, simply because they are proving to be the most popular thing I have made to date, they bring joy to those who eat them and I just love making enriched dough!

What is your favourite ingredient that is grown or made in Sussex? I really enjoy the locally caught fish I buy from Lee down at the Riverside, especially at the moment with it being mackerel season. I also love the Sussex free range pork I get from Peter Richards, and have a great fondness for his merguez sausages.

Chloe’s recipe for roasted Peter Richards pork chops with parsnips and Jerusalem artichokes.


Sept 23 2015
Seven Sisters Spices and VRAC Teashop Supper
Pleasant Stores

Sept 26 2015
Street Food Feast
Harveys Back Yard
Free entry

Sept 27 2015
Seven Sisters Spice – The Alchemy of Spice Workshop
Lewes Community Kitchen


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