OctoberFeast Hosts 2015: Petra Lovelock of Nordic Kitchen

Petra Lovelock of Nordic Kitchen will be hosting three events for this year’s festival. Here she chats to us about what ingredients float her boat.

blogposts-lrg-bakingWho are you? I am Petra from Nordic Kitchen. I run regular Scandinavian cookery classes at the Lewes Community Kitchen, organise occasional supper clubs, and I squeeze in some catering too.

How are you involved in Lewes OctoberFeast this year? I am running two classes at the Lewes Community Kitchen, the first on Sept 22nd is called ‘End of Summer Treats’, and the second on Oct 6th is about how to make perfect cinnamon buns – probably the best loved of all Scandinavian baked goods. I am also doing a Pop-up Supper at home on Sept 26th, an evening of ‘Scandi Tapas’.

What recommendations would you give those who want to experience the best of our region’s food and drink? Seek out interesting local small-scale producers and outlets. Support the markets and vineyards. Think about what’s in season, and attend as many OctoberFeast events as possible!

What concerns or pleases you the most about how we eat? Eating together with the family around the table pleases me very much. I also always try to use fresh ingredients and avoid waste.

If you could pick one dish that sums up what your OctoberFeast event is about, what would it be? I am really excited about Scandi Tapas, especially having just this summer visited a totally fantastic tapas restaurant in Helsinki. I can’t possibly pick just one dish – I love smoked fish, pickled things, salty charcuterie, creamy cheeses with tangy accompaniments and heavenly breads.

What is your favourite ingredient that is grown or made in Sussex? I recently had a glass of sparkling Ridgeview and I have to say that was quite fantastic – a product more than an ingredient but still. I also love the variety of apples on offer at the Friday Food Market.


Sept 23 2015
‘End of Summer Treats’ Scandi Cookery Workshop
Lewes Community Kitchen

Sept 26 2015
Pop-up Supper: Nordic Kitchen Tapas
Venue TBA

Oct 9 2015
Nordic Kitchen Cinnamon Bun Workshop
Lewes Community Kitchen£35


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