OctoberFeast Hosts 2015: Tina Deubert of Tina’s Kitchen

Tina Deubert of Tina’s Kitchen is one of our town’s most knowledgeable food professionals. Here she talks about how good nutritional health begins by knowing where your food comes from.

blogposts-lrg-veggiesWho are you? Tina Deubert, Nutritional Therapist and owner of Tina’s Kitchen, a forward-looking food business that focusses on health and environment before profit.

How are you involved in Lewes OctoberFeast this year? I am hosting a Super Supper at the shop for 8-10 people, featuring locally-sourced, organic ingredients, and dishes designed to be both delicious and nutritious.

What recommendations would you give those who want to experience the best of our region’s food and drink? Ask questions about where your food comes from: what the animals are fed on, grass, for instance,  and whether they are outdoor-reared. The more naturally animals are raised and food is grown, the better its taste and nutrient profile. There are lots of lovely local producers at our markets who are happy to talk about their passion for their produce.

What concerns or pleases you the most about how we eat? The ‘quick fix’ mentality is the saddest thing about the way we eat. We are encouraged to be so busy and in so much of a hurry these days that we don’t have time to even think about food, forget spending time preparing it. Even worse is the fact that we have become obsessed with the cost of food. Cheaper foods don’t nourish us, they always leave us wanting more. My philosophy is that when you feed yourself well and supply your body with the correct nutrients, you don’t miss those little ‘treats’ which pile on the pounds and make us feel sluggish. Eating well is an investment – one of the few that is worth spending money on. On the plus side, I get lots of people coming into the shop who are genuinely interested in eating real, good food and recognising the difference in the way they feel when they eat well.

If you could pick one dish that sums up what your OctoberFeast event is about what would it be? I haven’t settled on a menu yet but it’s likely to be slow-cooked, high quality local meat, with a veggie version available, seasoned with tasty herbs and spices. The kind of dish we can all make a version of that tastes delicious and makes us feel great.

What is your favourite ingredient that is grown or made in Sussex? The vegetables in season are fantastic – you can’t beat them for taste and quality, and so much can be grown here.


Sept 19 2015
Super Supper at Tina’s Kitchen
90 High Street

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