Our speakers: Hattie Ellis, Kerstin Rodgers & Josh Sutton

We’re pleased to be hosting Guild of Food Writers members Hattie Ellis, Josh Sutton and Kerstin Rodgers for lively discussions on food, politics, media and culture this OctoberFeast.

On 28th Sept, Hattie Ellis brings fifth generation butcher Danny Lidgate to May’s Farm Cart at the Riverside for The Butcher, The Farmer & The Cook. This evening with the experts will teach all you need know about how to source, prepare and cook the best meat with a complimentary drink and taster for just £5.

On 3rd Oct, Josh Sutton and Robin Van Creveld answer the question Why is What We Eat Political? for Lewes Labour Party – a free to attend event with catering by Seven Sisters’ Spices. On 4th Oct, Hattie, Josh and Kerstin Rodgers come together to talk about food and food media.

These events are for everyone who enjoys talking about food, and particularly, the position food holds in contemporary culture.

For those not familiar with our speakers… Hattie Ellis is a former Lewes resident and an award-winning author of over a dozen books. Hattie has travelled extensively and her writing encapsulates so much about what makes food such a powerful and pertinent topic. Her duo on bees – Sweetness & Light and Spoonfuls of Honey – are perfect examples of food writing that goes beyond the recipe: combining history, discussion on social and environmental responsibility and good old-fashioned storytelling.

Josh Sutton is an illustrator and the author of The Guyrope Gourmet: a camping cookbook and, this year’s essential reading, Food Worth Fighting For: from food riots to food banks. The title of Josh’s second book says it all, really. At a time when, in the UK, an estimated one million people are dependant on food banks, it is hard to believe we have progressed from the days when food scarcity drove people to violence. Indeed, we don’t have to look far to see it still does. Where must we go from here?

Kerstin Rodgers‘ ‘Underground Restaurant’ might well be credited for launching a thousand pop-ups. Kerstin, aka Ms Marmite Lover, is a photographer, author – V is for Vegan, Supper Club, Get Started in Food Writing and more – blogger, and no-holds-barred speaker. Kerstin started blogging in 2004 with a series of posts on attending a political conference in Belgrade with an anarchist samba band. This year she has reported on everything from Grenadian chocolate manufacture to cooking in Calais.

The Butcher, The Farmer & The Cook
28th Sept
The Riverside

Food Glorious Food: Why is What We Eat Political?
3rd Oct
Phoenix Centre

Kerstin Rodgers, Josh Sutton & Hattie Ellis in Conversation
Why can’t the media get enough of food? What marks a food fad from a food future? What are the food stories worth telling? Let us know if you have a question to add; this event is not just for food writers!
4th Oct
The Lewes Arms
£6 (Eventbrite fee applies to online bookings)

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