Recipe: Mackerel with Gooseberry Sauce

A delightfully zingy fish dish that is quick to prepare and certain to impress.

Serves 2

2 x 12oz (700g) medium-sized fresh mackerel
1 small onion
Knob of butter
½ lb (225) gooseberries
Salt, black pepper


Clean the mackerel, being sure to wash out the spinal blood. Chop off the heads. Pre-heat the oven, medium to high.

Chop the onion, add a knob of butter, place in a pan and heat, pouring untrimmed gooseberries on top, later adding half a cup of water.

Put knobs of butter on the fish, place them in a baking dish and twist on some pepper. Put in the warmed oven.

Stir the gooseberry mix occasionally, testing to see if the fruit has gone squashy. Add a pinch of salt.

When gooseberries are cooked, stir the mix thoroughly, and sieve into a bowl. Add sugar to taste
but do not make it sweet.

Test mackerel after fifteen minutes. When cooked but firm, serve hot or cold, using the sauce as a side dip.

Recipe from Swish Fish by John Kenward and Nicholas Roe. Reproduced with kind permission.

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