Robin van Creveld (aka Lewes Community Chef) is a familiar face on the Lewes food scene. His bread clubs are going down a storm, his passion is infectious, and his plans for a community bakery have a growing fan-base.
Secret Suppers are all the rage - the concept is simple: for a fixed price and a bottle of wine, people all over the world are sitting down in the homes of strangers to enjoy a lovingly prepared, restaurant-quality dinner.
After the success of our first OctoberFeast, we're back for more (our self-punishment knows no bounds). We're busy planning another exciting programme of events to make up an eclectic mix of foodie entertainment this coming October.
This tempting recipe for Harvest Borekas comes courtesy of Robin van Creveld  

It's ironic that for a market town surrounded by miles of rural farmland, much of Lewes is notoriously short on growing space. Naturally this doesn't stop Lewesians from using every pot, colander and bucket they can scavenge to grow a few tomatoes or courgettes and...